To Be Willing

If we want to change and grow we have to be willing.     We have to be willing to see all the difficult parts of ourselves with honestly.  Not only do we need to be able to see them.    We need to be willing to be fully open to them.    And we need to be open with all of ourselves, that includes being willing to feel them.    Most people are somewhat ok with seeing a difficult emotion or way of being within themselves.    But when asked to actually feel and experience that emotion, most turn and find anything else to do.    But if we want an emotion or some deep pattern within us to change or transform, we have to be willing to give it our full attention.     To be free means that we are not going to hide from anything; especially, the difficult and painful parts of ourselves.      We have to be fully willing to meet them with our own love and compassion.

But being free does not only mean that we are able to be open and honest with all the difficult parts of ourselves.    It also means that we are willing to see our own Beauty and Spaciousness as well.    And a funny thing happens, when most people look at their own Beauty and Spaciousness; they become scared.     Scared because they never knew this to be themselves.    Or scared because they know this is the Truth of themselves, and if they are going to live from that place they must give up all the silliness of their own minds (all their thoughts and opinions, about themselves and others).    Or scared because it is something totally new.    And most people are really scared of something new.    Especially Being somebody new.     The biggest fear is that in embodying this Beauty, that  we will somehow die.    It is true in a sense that there will be a death; a death of the ego as the fore front of our consciousness.    The ego will certainly still be there, but it will take the back seat to this Beauty and Spacious Consciousness that we are.

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