A third way

One of the things therapy can do is to give us choices.    When we are stuck in our minds, we only see in black or white, right or wrong.     But my job as a teacher and therapist is to help clients or students open to new ways of being.    One of my teachers, often says there is always a third way.     And this is what we open to the third way; which is the way out of black and white thinking.    But to see another option, we must be willing to see beyond the old ways or limited view of our own conditioning.    This can be difficult because our habitual thought patterns feel comfortable to most of us.    Even if the thoughts are painful, most individuals cling to their own thought patterns, because they are familiar and known.    Many individuals express to me that it is safer to stay where they are, than to move forward into the unknown.    And this is where courage comes in, the courage to walk into the unknown.    I am often amazed at how comfortable we  are in our own patterns and our unwillingness to let go of what we know causes us pain.    That is why we must be willing to be courageous; courageous enough to walk through the door of the unknown, through the door to our new life.

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