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Craig Holliday and Don Lewis, owners's of Amaya, building a businessAmaya Natural Therapeutics was built on the vision of Don Lewis, a natural therapeutic specialist who found inspiration in the holistic spa movement that he saw in both Europe and Japan.  Seeing a simple opportunity present itself in the location at 230 E. College, he found support and encouragement to realize this dream from his friend Craig Holliday.  Both Don and Craig had spent years meditating in a small spiritual community together, and with Amaya (named after Craig's daughter) they found an opportunity to go forward as business partners.  Additional support came from Don's father Bill, who became involved in coaching them on the financial aspects of running a business, while also backing the funding necessary to go forward. Completely renovating the building with their own hands, including the installation of the deck, tubs, sauna, changing rooms with tiled showers, landscaping, etc. both Don and Craig now enjoy the growth of their private practices within a setting that nourishes themselves and the community.  In addition to their work at Amaya, they both also split their time between raising children (Don has a son Cyrus and Craig cares for his children, Noah and Amaya), tending to their personal relationships, enjoying a wonderful community, and furthering their spiritual pursuits through a daily practice especially focused upon meditation.

Amaya staff photo Durango, COOver the last nine years Amaya and its owners have enjoyed many relationships.  Staff that has come and gone continues to play a vital role in the growth of a small micro-community within Durango.  Staff gatherings are regular, and many friendships have grown out of people's time at Amaya.  Indeed, many of those who work here enjoy hanging out with friends at Amaya when they have free time away from work.  It has become a special place and has found its way into the hearts of many members of Durango's community.

profound healing techniques at Amaya in Durango, COBeyond these obvious benefits to community development, many recognize that they encounter a deep and potent opportunity to touch an essential part of themselves through treatment at Amaya.  Here they find experiences which often go beyond words, and whose tangible benefits are difficult to measure, for the subtle power of peace and love ripple out in ways most of us can't see nor understand.  Our massage therapists are fantastic in holding a space for our client's authentic needs to release and let go, while both Craig and Don offer exceptional and unique services that continue to touch people in powerfully deep and meaningful ways.

giving and receiving at Amaya Natural Therapeutics in Durango, COAmaya has and continues to be a blessing for those that it touches, including both those who give and receive services in this small healing center. Afterall, when life is able to touch us so deeply as to create a sense of love and unity, who can be sure who really is giving and who is receiving.

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