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core current light and sound bregmaCore Synchronism is a therapeutic form of bodywork that combines the understandings of Polarity Therapy, Cranial Osteopathy and the palpatory discoveries of Robert Stevens, ND.  Using an elegant integration of energetic and structural approaches to healing work, Core effectively creates an opportunity to communicate with the vast and intelligent life principle within our own bodies.  Through deep listening and skillful manipulation, significant states of balance, harmony, and profound relaxation are realized.  In this way the therapeutic principles that support natural healing occur.  Essentially, by removing obstacles to the free flow of the life principle within, we create an opportunity for that incredible intelligence to heal us.  As Dr. Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy says: Only God and Nature Heal.  We simply assists Nature.  Core Synchronism is an invaluable tool in the effort to assist Nature in the restoration of balance and health.

Core, as it is familiarly called,  is the result of many years of practice and exploration by Dr. Robert Stevens, ND of Albuquerque, NM, the director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.  After many years as a student of polarity therapy, studying under Pierre Pannetier, the oldest student and successor of Dr. Randolph Stone, DC, DO, ND, Robert became passionately engaged in the study of Cranial Osteopathy.  He studied with John Upledgger, DO for many years before realizing the limitations of the teaching body of cranial-sacral therapy as it was being taught to non-osteopaths. He then began to explore the foundational texts of the science and deepen his own palpatory skills in the cranial field.  His explorations over the past thirty years have yielded Core Synchronism, an elegant yet simple form of therapeutic bodywork that combines an evolved understanding of polarity therapy, cranial osteopathy, and the principles underlying natural therapeutic philosophy as put forth by Henry Lindlar, MD.

Don Lewis Core Synchronism Practitioner at Amaya Natural Therapeutics in Durango, COCore is offered at Amaya Natural Therapeutics by Don Lewis, NTS, RMT.  Sessions are fully clothed, safe and gentle.  They are one hour in length and clients should generously allow time and space after a treatment to integrate and relax.  Essentially, in communicating with the innate intelligence of our bodies, recipients make an agreement to universally welcome any expressions of healing that should present themselves both during and after treatments.  Such eliminative efforts of Nature may occur after being brought into deep states of parasympathetic rest, where accumulated morbidity (mental / emotional / physical) may be digested and then released through what are commonly known as acute healing mechanisms (fever, mucus, sadness, anger, etc.).  These eliminations should be celebrated as indications of the freed movement of the healing force within.  Generally, several Core treatments access deeper levels of imbalance and are always appropriate, especially for those wanting to address more causative levels of disorder.

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What is Core Synchronism?

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What is a Core Treatment?

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