Cranial Sacral Therapy

osteopathic fluid fluctuation cranial-sacral mechanism cranial membranes and ventricles manipulated in craniosacral therapy at Amaya in Durango, COCranial Sacral Therapy is a therapeutic modality that was discovered by William Sutherland, an osteopathic physician, in the early 1900's.  Noticing that the skull was actually formed by separate bones joined at sutures, Sutherland wondered if these joints might actually indicate some motility within the skull itself.  His life of research and practice gave birth to Cranial Osteopathy, an application of the osteopathic principle which uses the fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to manipulate the body.

As blood is passes into the brain it becomes CSF, a highly filtered fluid that floods the ventricles of the brain, the central canal of the spine, and the entire connective tissue structure of the body via hollow collagen fibers, filling them until a natural tension is reached, at which point production of CSF stops, and the fluid is reabsorbed.  This rythmic cycle has been poetically likened to the tidal movement of our oceans and all of our bodily structures are actually floating in this fluid movement, expanding and contracting.  In health there is a balanced, synchronistic motion relative to all aspects of our physical body's structures, but in sickness or following trauma, confusion sets in resulting in disharmonious relationship.  This contrary motion creates friction, initiating a cycle of inflammation that impedes the flow of nutrients to, and wastes from, the various tissue affected.  Cranial Sacral Therapy, using a soft, gentle touch, restores balance to the structures of our physical body by floating them upon the tidal movement of CSF, reestablishing correct alignment and releasing stress and tension from the system.  The deep states of relaxation that are realized further support the vital healing intelligence that is now allowed to move more freely through our organism.  In states of profound balance and stillness, we heal.

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