Polarity Therapy

polarit therapy positive negative neutral Durango Copolarity icon etheric body currents Amaya Natural Therapeutics Durango, COPolarity Therapy, as formulated by Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D., is the synthesis of a long tradition of thought arising out of India that seeks to understand the body in terms of its relationship to five elemental energies: ether, air, fire, water, and earth.  The source consciousness, in its non-linear journey to manifest upon this material plane, moves first through the polarized realms of thought and emotion, which are subtle worlds that in turn give birth to the elemental prana that informs the etheric body.  The etheric body is an energetic template, a collection of streaming energy patterns, that in turn gives rise to the physical body.  Classical representations of the Indian Chakra system, the Cadeceus (staff of Hermes), and Nadis (branches of our etheric nervous system) are all components of our etheric body.  This energetic template informs the manifestation of our physical body and any confusion that exists within the etheric body will eventually create instability in our physical form.  Polarity Therapy, a healing approach that considers the human at this level of organization, addresses deeper and more subtle layer of imbalance than simply physical bodywork.

"The first step in developing a comprehensive system of hand medicine is an accurate model of a human being. The physical is only one aspect of our makeup.  A comprehensive model for the effective practice of hand medicine must include the etheric and the life priciple itself." Dr. Robert Stevens

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