Mindfulness Psychotherapy

Mindfulness Psychotherapy

Counseling with Craig Holliday at Amaya in Durango, COinner peace balance and meditation Mindfulness based psychotherapy builds on your inherent strengths and teaches mindfulness skills that empower you to meet the world from a deeper and more compassionate place.  Through working with this powerful counseling approach, you will:


  • Develop greater meaning and depth in your personal life and relationships
  • Meet life with awareness and mindfulness
  • Release pain and trauma from the past which contribute to unhealthy patterns in the present
  • Experience a deeper connection with your authentic self and in relationships
  • Develop communication skills to enhance relationships
  • Investigate patterns and beliefs that get in the way of living the life you want.


mindfulness based stress reductionWhether you are suffering in relationship to you work, partner, or in another area of your life, mindfulness skills root you in a truer sense of self, which generates peace and understanding.  From this place, you engage life honestly and have an expanded feeling of choice and possibility.  Mindfulness based therapy supports you in the practice of cultivating a deeper awareness that will begin to reduce stress in situations that are arising as challenges in your life.

We invite you to take the next step in living a more authentic life by offering your first session for free.  Introductory rates are currently available and sessions are offered by Craig Holliday, MA

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