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Tricia Gourley, RMT

Tricia Gourley massage therapist Amaya Durango, COTricia Gourley lived and practiced as a massage therapist in Austin, TX for many years before coming to Amaya in the spring of 2009.  Her work as a therapist in Austin created a devoted following of locals, celebrities, musicians, and friends who sought Tricia out for her deep, compassionate touch.  A graduate and teacher at the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage, Tricia began her practice in 1999 with training in deep tissue, swedish, sports, shiatsu, prenatal, and traeger massage techniques.  Integrating these approaches into her sessions, Tricia offers therapeutic work designed to benefit the unique needs of individuals who come to her for massage.  She has worked abroad in international spa settings, both in Hawaii and the Phillipines, and also a bit closer to home as the resident massage therapist and head gardener at Tara Mandala, a Buddhist retreat center in Pagosa Springs.  Additionally, Tricia's enthusiasm for Core Synchronism allows clients a unique opportunity to both receive a massage and Core work in the same session.

Emily Dale, RMT

Amaya Massage durango

Emily Rose Dale has been a practicing massage therapist since 2011 when she graduated from the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage Therapy in Austin, Texas and she gives great work. Over the years, she enhanced her skills while working with mothers, athletes, musicians, over-stressed students and business people.  Emily uses from her knowledge of trigger point therapy, structural integration, myofascial release, and human anatomy to address muscular dis-ease in the body. Her style is slow, deep and thorough as she penetrates fascial adhesion and restores fatigued muscle tissue. She holds space for the emotional and energetic releases that coincides with receiving bodywork and can create a very safe, relaxing enviornement. Emily Loves to be outdoors rock climbing when she is not massaging or practicing yoga.

Melanie Higbee, RMT

Melanie Higbee has been working at Amaya since 2010 and brings an array of modalities to her work.  Having graduated from The Healing Mountain Massage School in Salt Lake City, UT in 2007, she has since furthered her studies by working with a master of Thai massage, Ajahn Pichest Boonthumethai in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Gifted with both an ability to work deeply and also the capacity to explore the subtle needs of the body, Melanie incorporates traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques with her strong background in Shiatsu, Thai massage, and also with her growing interest in cranial-sacral work.  She is also able to enthusiastically offer lymphatic drainage, if requested, which is a well developed passion of hers.

Lesley Hudson, RMT

Lesley Hudson began her healing training in 2006 when she studied Thai massage intensively for 3 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before completing her massage education with Crestone Healing Arts Center in Colorado, she went on to study yoga, receiving her yoga teacher certification in 2009, and to work in therapeutic settings at a residential treatment center, at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, and as an advocate at a domestic violence shelter. Lesley’s massage training has largely focused on meridian theory and body-mind connection, with additional training in acupressure, Swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal massage techniques. With her background in Buddhist meditation, yoga, and qi gong, Lesley provides a deeply meditative experience tending towards slow strokes to support nervous system regulation and to access the deeper layers of the body’s tissues.

Michelle Holland, RMT

Michelle Holland brings confidence, warmth, depth, firm pressure and a lovely disposition to her massage work.  A 2010 graduate of the Bear Heart School of Massage in Fort Collins, CO, she practices a satisfying and therapeutic mix of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage that is influenced by her training in trigger point therapy, myofacial release and therapeutic movement.  She also offers treatments to pregnant mothers and is proficient in hot stone therapy.  Her positive outlook on life radiates in her sessions, bringing an uplifting quality to her massage work.

Isabel Starr, RMT

Isabel Starr graduated from Southwest School of Massage in Durango, CO in 2016. Being engaged in an active outdoor lifestyle and living as a naturally fun loving person, she brings both strength and positive energy to her work, reflecting the way she lives. Intuitively understanding the needs of bodies that are dealing with physical stress, she responds by offering a very well-rounded massage experience, making sure she gets into those areas most in need. She is educated in integrated bodywork including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and prenatal massage. Isabel is able to use her insightful knowledge of human anatomy to provide a deep massage custom to fit different client’s needs.

Kristara Waldron, RMT

Kristara Waldron has been involved in the healing modalities for over a decade.  She is a 2007 graduate of the Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork in Kilauea, Hawaii where she received an incredible massage therapy education with concentration on deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal and intuitive bodywork.  Kristara brings compassion, strength and intuition to her work.  She is passionate about helping her clients feel more at ease in their bodies and the world around them.  Kristara is often sought out for her deep tissue work and her clients walk away feeling lighter, being much more relaxed and at home in their bodies.  She offers a fantastic massage.

Stephanie Athena-Marie, RMT

Originally from North Carolina, Stephanie Athena-Marie received her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sport Science followed by her massage education at Natural Touch School. Stephanie has been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in North Carolina, South Carolina and now Colorado, with over 8 years of hands on experience.  Stephanie's favorite aspect of massage is how the physical body directly connects us with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our self. She completed Reiki Master Certification and has since accessed her own form of intuitive healing which she enjoys incorporating into customized massage sessions when requested.  Truly an incredible therapist, she offers a very strong and extremely satisfying massage.
(Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Customized massage available)

Haley Tamberi, RMT

Haley Tamberi discovered a deep love for the human body & the healing arts through her studies at Mountain Heart School of Bodywork & Massage in Crested Butte. She is a passionate therapist who has a nurturing, grounding, and therapeutic touch that she enjoys expressing with long, slow, thoughtful massage strokes. Having been trained and certified in neuromuscular therapy, pre-natal, assisted stretching, trigger point therapy, sports (pre/post), deep tissue, & swedish massage Haley draws from all these techniques to address each client’s individual needs. She will make it a point to address the pain/discomfort you walk in with in hopes to have you feeling relaxed, re-structured, and rejuvenated when you leave. It is a blessing to have her skilled and deeply satisfying massage offered at Amaya.

Codye Cammack, RMT

Codye A R Cammack was born and raised in beautiful Durango, Colorado.  She went to massage school at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin.  She’s recently returned to her beloved homeland and looks forward to sharing what she’s learned. Codye sees rivers and mountains as inspiration and templates for change and progress. She believes that body work should be done with professional intention, whole presence, and unique consideration for each individual.  She practices Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, hot stone, prenatal and seeks continuing education that inspires. Codye spends her off-time outside, often rafting and guiding river trips.

Catherine Goldman, RMT

Catherine Goldman brings a wealth of experience to the work she offers at Amaya.  She graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and has gone on to specialize in the modalities of cranial sacral therapy and lymphatic drainage, as well as gain an extensive background in herbal medicine and nutrition.  Her gifts in such specialized bodywork techniques, which require attentive listening and care, are also reflected in her warm, nurturing work as a massage therapists.  She incorporates Swedish massage into an integrative massage session, offering work that is specific, yet embracing.  Catherine's gentle nature holds an inviting space for the body to relax, while her firm work is able to deeply engage tension, supporting the body as it lets go.

Nichole Fox, RMT

Nichole Fox moved to the Durango area from outside of Moab, UT in 2010.  She is a graduate of the Utah College of Massage and was trained in deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation techniques and injury recovery work.  A very talented therapist with a strong background in structural work, she uses a therapeutic combination of deep tissue techniques to release adhesions in the muscles and connective tissues.  Nicole not only blends her knowledge of the body to provide a massage that is focused on releasing tension, she can also go beyond deep or specific work with a Swedish-style circulatory massage, which is very relaxing.  In addition to her skills as a bodyworker, Nichole also has an intuitive gift of seeing emotional patterns that may underlie physical pain.  If you are interested in such insights and working with them, Nichole enjoys leading people into a deeper healing experience.

Bridget Pneuman, RMT

Bridget Pneuman graduated from a massage program offered by the Delta-Montrose Technical College in 2016 and brings her warmth and delightful energy to Amaya where she offers clients an full and embodied sense of touch.  She leans strongly into her Swedish massage, offering a firm and overwhelmingly satisfying experience.  Her natural sensitivity and the care she brings to her work creates a massage that feel both supportive and nourishing.  Currently she is a student at Fort Lewis College, where she is learning more about holistic healing. She loves making people feel great about themselves and believes there are artistic, meaningful ways to approach what life throws at us through body work.

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