Nichole Fox, RMT

Nichole Fox moved to the Durango area from outside of Moab, UT in 2010.  She is a graduate of the Utah College of Massage and was trained in deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation techniques and injury recovery work.  A very talented therapist with a strong background in structural work, she uses a therapeutic combination of deep tissue techniques to release adhesions in the muscles and connective tissues.  Nicole not only blends her knowledge of the body to provide a massage that is focused on releasing tension, she can also go beyond deep or specific work with a Swedish-style circulatory massage, which is very relaxing.  In addition to her skills as a bodyworker, Nichole also has an intuitive gift of seeing emotional patterns that may underlie physical pain.  If you are interested in such insights and working with them, Nichole enjoys leading people into a deeper healing experience.

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