Craig Holliday, MA

craig holliday durango counselor at Amaya Natural Therapeutics

Craig Holliday is a counselor at Amaya offering a form of mindful-based psychotherapy that is powerfully informed by his dedication to his personal meditation practice.  Incorporating mindfulness meditation, counseling and coaching into his sessions, Craig uses an integral, holistic approach that supports individuals who may be struggling with life issues such as relationships, work, life transitions, parenting, divorce, anxiety, depression, addictions, or who may simply be in pursuit of greater meaning.  A graduate of Fort Lewis College with a degree in Education, Craig received his masters in Counseling Psychology from Adams State College.  Craig's personal journey has included a spiritual orientation that has long recognized the transformative power of meditation.  He is a devoted student of a meditation lineage that arises out of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga and has participated in over fifty spiritual retreats over the last fifteen years. Recently, Craig has become a student of the liberation teachings of Adyashanti, and hosts meditation groups at the Durango Dharma Center.

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