You've found a refuge.  Now enjoy deep relaxation.

At Amaya Natural Therapeutics, we are devoted to creating a space where one can relax and reconnect with their essential nature.  Allow yourself the time to step away from a busy world and into our downtown Durango location a sanctuary where one can settle in, allow the edges to soften, and feel stress fall away.

Location and Hours

Hot Tub and Cold Plunge at Amaya in Durango, CO

Therapeutic Hydrotherapy and Sauna

Located in a secluded outdoor setting, a teak hot tub and cedar cold plunge are complimented by a large cedar sauna. Surrounded by bamboo fencing, this serene atmosphere is the perfect place to relax before your treatment. You may also choose to just simply soak and sweat, enjoying the deep nourishment and profound restoration that heat, cold and water offer.

Soak and Sweat Information

Massage Therapy at Amaya in Durango, CO

You are in good hands...

Recognized by locals and visitors alike as an exceptional experience, bodywork at Amaya is offered by some of Durango's best massage therpaists and holistic practitioners. The therapeutic benefits of touch are profound, and whether they are received during a deep tissue massage, a subtle energetic session, or in a nourishing facial, and you will find you are being cared for by sensitive, skilled professionals.

Massage Therapy at Amaya

Client receiving a Core Synchronism treatment

Profound energetic healing work...

Core Synchronism is a form of therapeutic bodywork that encourages extraordinary states of relaxation and stillness. An evolution of craniosacral and polarity therapies, Core invites the natural intelligence of your body forward to heal deep traumas and relieve acute and chronic suffering. Don Lewis, CMT, NTS offers powerful sessions that help to reset the nervous system, effectively releasing stress and tension while allowing for a more balanced and harmonious experience of living in one's body.

Core Synchronism Cranial Sacral Therapy Polarity Therapy

Counseling session at Amaya in Durango, CO

Cultivating awareness to relieve suffering....

Mindfulness based stress reduction at Amaya is a form of counseling work that encourages our essential qualities to come forward. Understanding that our true nature is capable of facing difficulties with strength, courage, dignity, and love, one is coached to become mindful of false aspects of ourselves that interfere with this innate intelligence, creating space for the possibility of growth, rather than suffering, to be realized.

Learn more about Counseling at Amaya

Craig Holliday and Don Lewis, owners's of Amaya

Amaya Natural Therapeutics Blogs

Amaya's owners share their thoughts about the therapies they offer.

Mindfulness Blog Natural Therapeutics Blog

Meet our massage therapists...

Massage therapy at Amaya is offered by some of our community's best therapists, providing exceptional treatments to those who receive their work.

With a wide array of therapeutic modalities, ranging from Swedish to deep tissue to neuromuscular therapy to cranial work, Amaya's therapists tailor their treatments to meet the unique needs and requests of their clients, addressing specific complaints while cultivating an overall sense of well being and deep relaxation.

Services Beyond Massage

Amaya Massage Core Synchromism Specialist Don Lewis

Core Synchronism accesses some of the deepest states of relaxation and facilitates a profound space for healing to occur.

Offered at Amaya by Don Lewis, CMT, NTS, Core work is a evolution of Craniosacral and Polarity therapies, balancing the entire body via the fluctuating fluids of our central nervous system. Acute sickness, chronic disease, and injury are all benefited by this profound healing modality.

Core Synchronism Cranial Sacral Therapy Polarity Therapy

Counseling with Craig Holliday at Amaya in Durango, CO

Mindfulness based psychotherapy builds on your inherent strengths and teaches mindfulness skills that empower you to meet the world from a deeper and more compassionate place.

Whether you are suffering in relationship to you work, partner, or in another area of your life, mindfulness skills root you in a truer sense of self, which generates peace and understanding. From this place, you engage life honestly and have an expanded feeling of choice and possibility. Mindfulness based therapy supports you in the practice of cultivating a deeper awareness that will begin to reduce stress in situations that are arising as challenges in your life. Sessions are offered by Craig Holliday, MA.

More About Counseling

Exceptional Massage

Consistently providing the Durango community with therapists who leave clients deeply satisfied.

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About Us

Serving the Durango Community since 2006...

Amaya Natural Therapeutics was built on the vision of Don Lewis, a natural therapeutic specialist who found inspiration in the holistic spa movement that he saw in both Europe and Japan.  Seeing a simple opportunity present itself in the location at 230 E. College Drive, he found support and encouragement to realize this dream from his friend Craig Holliday.  Both Don and Craig had spent years meditating in a small spiritual community together, and with Amaya (named after Craig's daughter) they found an opportunity to go forward as business partners....

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  • 230 East College Drive
  • On the south side of College between 2nd and 3rd Ave
  • Parking in the alley adjacent to Amaya, or on 3rd Ave


Hours of Operation

  • 10-8 Monday - Saturday
  • 12-6 Sunday


Phone Number

(970) 247-3939

Email Us

Please call us to schedule an appointment or ask simple questions.

Email with further questions or concerns.

Worked after a big bike ride?

Cycling injuries often need massage therapy.

Mountain and road bike injuries often benefit from immediate massage therapy.  The massage therapists at Amaya Natural Therapeutics in Durango, Colorado can help get you back on the road or single track fast.

Spent a long day on the train?

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad offers a beautiful scenic tour of the San Juan mountains.  After eight hours on the train, come relax and loosen your stiff muscles in our hot tub or get a bodywork session.

Want to get away from the kids?

Spend some quality time with yourself and be fresh for great family outings here in Durango. Soak in the hot tub, get a full massage, explore deep relaxation with a Core treatment, or pamper yourself with a nourishing facial.

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